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Later At 5:00...

Amy was coming down the Isle. Cream had helped pick a perfect wedding for Amy and Cream had picked a maid of honor outfit for herself. Sonic was waiting for her. She got to the end of the isle.

Sonic: You excited Amy? You've always waited for this day to come, and now it's here.

Amy: I know. I'm glad we're finally together.

Sonic: Me too.

Pastor: Do you, Amy Rose, Take Sonic The Hedgehog to be your beloved husband?

Amy: I Do.

Pastor: And Do you, Sonic The Hedgehog take Amy Rose to be your beloved wife?

Sonic: I Do.

Pastor: Then you may kiss the bride.

Sonic and Amy shared a passionate kiss. Amy had finally gotten married to Sonic. She was happy. And then the kiss broke and Amy jumped on Sonic. Everyone clapped.

Brandon: Yay! That was amazing!

Katie: Go Sister woohoo!

Dent: congratulations!

Amy saw Katie in the crowd.

Amy: Huh? Katie?

Amy walked over to katie in the crowd.

Amy: Katie? how did youi get here?

Katie: Well, I came to Calisphore City with Brandon and Dent. they're my friends.

Amy: Well I've already met Brandon.

Katie: You finally got married! Great job sis!

Amy: Thanks Katie. I'm Happy to finally be with Sonic.

Sonic walked over to Amy.

Sonic: Come on Amy. Where do you wanna have our honeymoon?

Amy: How about we see a movie? There's this new love movie called True Feelings.

Sonic: Sure Amy. Let's go there. to the nearest movie theater.

Amy giggled.

Amy: Okay sonic.

Sonic and Amy walked away out of the chapel.

10 years later...

The doctors were telling Amy to be calm and Sonic was right next to her. Sonic was 25 now and Amy was 23.

Sonic: It's okay Amy. Everything's gonna be fine. I'm right here next to you. And besides Amy, remember that pain medicine you took? You probably won't feel any pain at all.

Amy: Thank you Sonic. I Can't wait to see our new baby.

Sonic: Well, we already know it's a boy.

Blue Echidna Doctor: Amy, We're about to take the baby out. Sonic, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out. We'll call you in after we're done.

Sonic: No problem, doc. Remember Amy, Be calm.

Sonic and Amy Get married but I'm not spoiling it!

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Part 4: You're reading it
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